Services: Development for firms in the legal, tax and audit industry


Only those who carry conviction, both internally and externally, really inspire trust.

Your public image will only be consistent if it is appreciated and really lived within the firm; that’s why coaching and training for your management and team is a vitally important element of corporate marketing. Your firm’s overall structure must deliver what your public image promises.

Smooth interaction between all areas is vital to your firm’s survival. Coaching and training provided by Lorenz Kanzleimarketing will support your interests in this area. We will accompany you through processes of development and change. We’ll steer you towards concrete results that will be visible and perceptible both inside your firm and beyond.

Corporate philosophy

The primary and most delicate aspect of coaching is identifying your firm’s core competences and goals so that an individual philosophy emerges. This will shape your firm’s corporate culture and provide a basis for your individual strategy.

Corporate strategy and catalogue of measures

In developing your firm’s strategy, Lorenz Kanzleimarketing relies on tried and tested methods, such as a SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and is a process of comparing your firm’s strengths and weaknesses with market risks and opportunities.

Building on this situation analysis, we will develop your medium and long-term corporate goals:

• Quantitatively, in terms of turnover, volume, pricing and market share,
• Qualitatively, in terms of public profile, image, client satisfaction and client commitment.

We formulate a strategic plan of action that will enable you to achieve these goals and identify the markets and target groups you should be working on and ways to do so. To achieve these ends, we develop a package of measures involving your firm’s products and services, prices and fees, your location, sales and distribution, and advertising and communications. We calculate the costs of these measures with you and set them out in a budget plan. We then regularly review and improve their effectiveness.